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Prof. Feng Pan | Leading  In Computational PhysicsFormal Methods

Prof. Feng Pan  Sebastin is a distinguished academic and researcher in the field of renewable energy, holds a PhD in Biosystems Engineering from Kangwon National University, South Korea. His academic journey has been marked by a profound dedication to advancing solar energy technologies, specifically in solar thermal harvesting and its integration into agricultural and architectural applications.

Professional Profiles:

🎓 Degrees

Ph.D: 1994 – Nanjing University

M.Sc: 1986 – East China Normal University

B.E.: 1982 – Shenyang Institute of Electric Mechanical Engineering

👨‍💼 Employment

From Assistant to Professor at Liaoning Normal University Postdoctoral positions at Louisiana State University, USA Roles at various universities and institutions in China and abroad

🔍 Research Interests

Quantum many-body problems Theory of group representations and its applications Theory of nuclear structure

📚 Academic Activities

Participation and presentations in conferences worldwide

💡 Research Proposals Supported

Diverse research proposals backed by numerous foundations and committees

👥 Professional Affiliation

Member of Chinese Nuclear Physics Society Member of Chinese Physics Society

🏆 Honors and Awards

Recognition for teaching excellence and distinguished contributions

📖 Referee and Mentorship

Active role as a referee for proposals and journals Mentorship of numerous graduate students

📚 Teaching Experience

Extensive teaching experience for both undergraduate and graduate students in various physics domains This condensed format provides a glimpse into Feng Pan’s academic journey, achievements, and contributions across research, teaching, and professional affiliations.

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