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Kanchan Tiwari | Soft computing | Women Researcher Award

🌟 Dr. Kanchan Tiwari is a distinguished researcher and educator in the field of Soft Computing, specializing in innovative applications of reversible logic and Vedic mathematics. She earned her Ph.D. from VNIT in 2015, showcasing excellence with an “AA” grade in coursework. Kanchan holds an M.Tech. from V.N.I.T. Nagpur and a B.E. from R.K.N.E.C. (Nagpur University). Her academic journey is marked by outstanding achievements, including an impressive GATE 2002 score of 85.18 percentile.

πŸ† Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Tiwari has received numerous accolades, such as Best Paper Awards for her groundbreaking work on reversible Vedic multipliers and fingerprint recognition. She secured first prizes in project competitions and consistently demonstrated academic brilliance, earning distinctions in every phase of her education.

πŸŽ“ With nearly two decades of teaching experience, Dr. Kanchan Tiwari currently serves as a Lecturer at MES’s College of Engineering, Pune, contributing significantly to the academic landscape. Her passion for research, coupled with her commitment to education, defines her impactful journey in the realm of soft computing.




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🌟 Dr. Kanchan Tiwari, a trailblazing researcher, completed her Ph.D. at VNIT in Feb 2015, earning an “AA” grade in coursework. Her academic journey includes an M.Tech. from V.N.I.T. Nagpur with a stellar 79%, and an impressive GATE 2002 score of 85.18 percentile. She graduated in 1999 with a B.E. from R.K.N.E.C. (Nagpur University), excelling with 71.76%. Dr. Tiwari’s educational foundation was laid with distinction, achieving 82.67% in HSSC in 1995 and 85.42% in SSC in 1993. Her academic prowess sets the stage for a remarkable career in soft computing and education. πŸŽ“βœ¨


πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Dr. Kanchan Tiwari, a seasoned educator, has dedicated 19 years and 9 months to shaping minds in the field of engineering. Currently a Lecturer at MES’s College of Engineering, Pune, since August 2005, she brings a wealth of experience. Her impactful journey includes a tenure at Priyadarshini College of Engineering and Architecture in Nagpur from January 2004 to July 2005. Dr. Tiwari’s teaching career commenced at Ramdeobaba Kamala Nehru Engineering College, Nagpur, spanning three academic years from 1999 to 2002 and an additional session from Aug 2003 to Jan 2004. πŸ“šβœ¨

Award & Honors:

πŸ† Dr. Kanchan Tiwari, a distinguished researcher, has consistently excelled in academia. She clinched the First Prize in the Departmental Project Competition at MES College of Engineering for her innovative work on “Design and Implementation of Generic ALU using Reversible Logic using Vedic Mathematics.” Her research brilliance extends to winning the Best Paper Award at ACCET-23 for the “Design and Implementation of Reversible Vedic Multiplier on Artix-7 FPGA.” Dr. Tiwari’s expertise in multiplier circuits, showcased in various conferences, reflects in her numerous Best Paper Awards, including advancements in fingerprint recognition. Her remarkable journey also includes securing the second position in the INNOVATIONS’99 competition. πŸŒπŸ…







Kanchan Tiwari | Soft computing | Women Researcher Award

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