Kanchan Tiwari | Soft computing | Women Researcher Award 🌟 Dr. Kanchan Tiwari is a distinguished researcher and educator in the field of Soft Computing, specializing in innovative applications of
Assist Prof Dr. Arta Dodaj | Sexting | Best Researcher Award 🌟 Dr. Arta Dodaj, an accomplished researcher and educator, has dedicated her career to the field of psychology. As
Mr. Rakshith Saligram | VLSI | Best Researcher Award Mr. Rakshith Saligram, a trailblazing researcher in the field of VLSI, is celebrated for his groundbreaking work in cryogenic CMOS circuits
Mr. Jing Yang | Information Security and Data Science |  Young Scientist Award 🌟 Mr. Jing Yang: A Rising Star in Information Security and Data Science! 🌐 Jing Yang, a
Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi | Innovation | Best Researcher Award  🌟 Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi, a visionary in the field of innovation, holds a Doctorate in Business Management from the University of
Prof Dr. Vasavi S | Image Processing and Data Analytics | Influential Research Contribution Award πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Prof. Dr. Vasavi S, a seasoned professional with 27 years in AI&DS, heads the
Assoc Prof Dr. Lip Yee Por | Security and Quality Assurance of Information | Best Researcher Award Assoc Prof Dr. Lip Yee Por πŸŽ“ is a distinguished researcher specializing in
Mr. Aldo Daconte | artificial intelligence | Young Scientist Award πŸ† Mr. Aldo Daconte is a passionate and adaptable individual with a strong commitment to learning and acquiring new knowledge.
Dr. Sripriya Thiagarajan | MEMS | Best Researcher Award 🌟 Sripriya Thiagarajan stands at the forefront, clinching the prestigious MEMS Best Researcher Award. With over 19.3 years of fervent dedication
Assoc Prof Dr. Berit Hartmann | Controlling and big data | Best Researcher Award πŸ† Berit Hartmann, Associate Professor at Gothenburg University School of Business Economics and Law, is a

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