Odette Chams-Anturi | Innovation | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi | Innovation | Best Researcher Award 

🌟 Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi, a visionary in the field of innovation, holds a Doctorate in Business Management from the University of Valencia, Spain. With a rich academic background, including a Master’s in Business Administration and expertise in Industrial Engineering, she has been an integral part of Universidad de la Costa in Barranquilla, Colombia, since 2019. 🎓 As a Full-time Teacher-Researcher, she imparts knowledge in strategic direction and administration to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 🌐 Dr. Chams-Anturi is a prolific researcher, contributing significantly to projects on social responsibility in marketing, data analytics for business intelligence, and customer experience management. Her extensive investigative experience spans institutions in Colombia and Spain, showcasing her commitment to advancing knowledge in innovation and organizational dynamics. 🚀




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🎓 Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi earned her Doctorate in Business Management from the University of Valencia, Spain in Oct. 2018, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence. Prior, she achieved a Master’s in Business Administration in Barranquilla, Colombia, from Universidad del Norte in Sept. 2014. Her educational journey also includes becoming a Business Logistics Specialist (Sept. 2012) and obtaining a degree in Industrial Engineering (Mar. 2010), both from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. 🌍 With a diverse academic background, Dr. Chams-Anturi brings a holistic perspective to her role in innovation and research. 🚀📚


🎓 Dr. Odette Chams-Anturi is a dedicated Full-Time Teacher-Researcher in the Department of Business Sciences at Universidad de la Costa in Barranquilla, Colombia since Feb. 2019. She excels in teaching subjects like Strategic Direction, Administration, and guiding degree works for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including a Ph.D. in Innovation. 🌍 Driven by a passion for research, she has undertaken various impactful projects, such as exploring the social responsibility of marketing in Olympic superstores and enhancing the competitiveness of the language center through data analytics and business intelligence. 🚀 Her dynamic roles also extend to being a Subject Leader and Research Group Leader in Social Administration. Across her extensive career, she has contributed significantly to projects fostering innovation, integration, and organizational ambidexterity. 🤝💡


  • Linking organizational trust and performance through ambidexterity
    • Authors: O Chams-Anturi, MD Moreno-Luzon, JP Escorcia-Caballero
    • Year: 2019
    • Citation: 36
    •  📚
  • The role of formalization and organizational trust as antecedents of ambidexterity: An investigation on the organic agro-food industry
    • Authors: O Chams-Anturi, MD Moreno-Luzon, P Romano
    • Year: 2022
    • Citation: 19
    •  📚
  • Organizational legitimacy and stakeholder trust in the organization: A feed-forward relationship
    • Authors: MD Moreno-Luzon, O Chams-Anturi, JP Escorcia-Caballero
    • Year: 2018
    • Citation: 16
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  • Quality and Innovation in the organic agro-food sector: Threats and opportunities of social and managerial innovation
    • Authors: MD Moreno-Luzon, M Gil-Marques, O Chams-Anturi
    • Year: 2018
    • Citation: 14
    •  📚
  • The integration of the supply chain as a dynamic capability for sustainability: The case of an Innovative organic company
    • Authors: MD Moreno-Luzon, JP Escorcia-Caballero, O Chams-Anturi
    • Year: 2019
    • Citation: 12
    •  📚
  • Supply Chain Integration Capability: An Organizational Routine Perspective
    • Authors: JP Escorcia-Caballero, MD Moreno-Luzon, O Chams-Anturi
    • Year: 2019
    • Citation: 9
    •  📚
  • Evaluation of bottom-up and top-down strategies for aggregated forecasts: state space models and arima applications
    • Authors: M Soto-Ferrari, O Chams-Anturi, JP Escorcia-Caballero, N Hussain, …
    • Year: 2019
    • Citation: 9
    •  📚
  • Assessing Organizational Behavior: A Case Study in a Colombian Retail Store
    • Authors: O Chams-Anturi, A P. Gomez, JP Escorcia-Caballero, M Soto-Ferrari
    • Year: 2020
    • Citation: 6
    •  📚
  • The effect of ambidexterity on market performance: a new perspective and measurement from the dynamic capability framework
    • Authors: JP Escorcia-Caballero, O Chams-Anturi, MD Moreno-Luzon
    • Year: 2022
    • Citation: 4
    •  📚
  • The effect of internal and external sources on product innovation: Colombian context
    • Authors: JP Escorcia-Caballero, L Manjarrés-Henríquez, O Chams-Anturi
    • Year: 2022
    • Citation: 4
    •  📚





Dr. Zepeng Liu | Fault Diagnosis

Dr. Zepeng Liu | Fault Diagnosis | Best researcher Award

Dr. Zepeng Liu is a distinguished academic and researcher in the field of renewable energy, holds a PhD in Biosystems Engineering from Kangwon National University, South Korea. His academic journey has been marked by a profound dedication to advancing solar energy technologies, specifically in solar thermal harvesting and its integration into agricultural and architectural applications.

Professional Profiles:

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Dr. Zepeng Liu

Institute School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK Position  Lecturer in Electrification

Working Experience:

2023/09-Present  Lecturer in Electrification at Newcastle University, UK 2020/12-2023/09 Research Associate in Advanced Manufacturing Systems Condition Monitoring, University of Sheffield, UK 2020/5-2020/8 Research Associate, University of Manchester, UK

Education Background:

2017/1-2021/2: Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester, UK 2015/9–2016/9 MSc in Power Systems Engineering, University College London, UK 2013/9–2015/6  BEng in Electrical Engineering & Electronics, University of Liverpool, UK

Research Interests:

Data-Driven Modelling:

Nonlinear system modelling in the frequency domain

Machine and statistical learning, Neural networks

Sparse representation and nonlinear filtering

Modelling and analysis for complex systems:

Advanced manufacturing

Condition monitoring and fault detection of wind turbine systems and components

Structural health monitoring

Smart structures and systems

Application of machine learning to machinery fault diagnosis

Research Experience:

Dr. Liu has extensive experience in research projects involving advanced manufacturing, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, and machine learning applications. Notable achievements include developing online monitoring systems for cutting tool condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, and creating novel algorithms for real-time CMFD in large slow-speed pitch systems.

Teaching Experience:

Dr. Liu has been a Teaching Assistant for various MSc courses at the University of Manchester since 2016. Additionally, he supervises PhD students and undergraduate/postgraduate projects.

Professional Activities and Recognitions:


Review Editor of Frontiers in Robotics and AI Reviewer for learned journals in various science and engineering subject areas

Grant Application Experience:

Participation in grant applications for projects related to wind turbine condition assessment and machine-tool condition monitoring.

Selected Publications:

Dr. Liu has contributed to several high-impact journal papers and conference papers focusing on fault detection, condition monitoring, and machine learning applications in various fields including wind turbine systems, cutting tools, and vibration analysis.

This summary highlights Dr. Liu’s extensive academic background, research contributions, teaching experience, and involvement in professional activities and grant applications.

📊 Citation Metrics (Google Scholar):

  • Citations by: All – 721, Since 2018 – 716
  • h-index: All – 9, Since 2018 – 8
  • i10 index: All – 8, Since 2018 – 7

Publications Top Note :

paper published in 2020 cite by 37

Naturally damaged wind turbine blade bearing fault detection using novel iterative nonlinear filter and morphological analysis  paper published in 2019 cite by 36

paper published in 2022 cite by 9

Wavelet Package Energy Transmissibility Function and Its Application to Wind Turbine Blade Fault Detection

paper published in 2022 cite by 8